Change Your Life

Each person presents a unique story

Each person presents a unique story, that’s why I believe Therapy must provide a caring, personalized and collaborative approach. I help my clients gain insight into their thoughts and feelings in order to increase personal satisfaction and produce higher levels of functioning and individual performance in everyday life.
I employ techniques from various schools of psychology, mainly Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Positive Psychology. Positive Psychology focuses on positive thinking as the avenue to achieve inner peace and happiness. We explore negative self-talk and deconstruct messages which the patient has been accustomed to repeating. In addition to therapy, I encourage my clients to create healthy habits and pursue an inspiring lifestyle. Taking a positive outlook on life helps people cope with stress, illness and hardships, improving both physical and psychological well-being. A positive mindset will not prevent unwanted-things from happening but rather will change the response to a given situation. For some people positive thinking comes naturally. For others, seeking professional help is necessary to get on track.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has been proven to treat Depression, Anxiety and a number of Mood Disorders.

CBT is helpful to

change unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaving

understand how prior conditioning from the environment shapes thoughts and behavior

understand how internal and external stimuli impact thinking and behaving

focus on solving specific problems through goal setting and is action oriented

identify problems and develop new strategies for tackling them

create changes in the long term

resolve inner conflict by finding a positive and constructive voice

CBT can be an effective therapy for the following problems

anger management

anxiety and panic attacks

chronic fatigue syndrome

mood swings

general health problems

drug and alcohol problems

post-traumatic stress disorder

chronic pain

obsessive-compulsive disorder


eating problems