Frequently Asked Questions

Congratulations on taking the step toward personal change. If you have not already done so, contact me via phone or email to schedule a 10 minute complimentary phone call. On the call we discuss why you are seeking out therapy, what you are looking for at this given time, any scheduling constraints I should be aware of. Once we square away the logistics, we set up a 45 minute consultation appointment for you to come in for an office visit.

At the consultation appointment you will be ask to fill out paper-work. After you complete the standard paper-work, we will discuss what brings you in for therapy, therapy goals, and you may inquire about my therapeutic approach. This session is structured to address questions and concerns that we both may have.
The initial consultation fee is offered at a reduced rate so that you may explore if Psychotherapy or Life Coaching is the right fit for you.

Based on your therapy goals and severity of symptoms, we decide on a set-appointment time and frequency of visits. Weekly or bi-weekly visits are advisable. Therapy sessions are available in office, over phone, FaceTime, Skype and VSee.

Sessions are typically 45 minutes, longer sessions can be arranged.

The therapeutic process takes time and patience. The more intentional and goal oriented your approach, the more likely you are to see results in the form of higher levels of awareness, emotional satisfaction, and behavioral shifts. I ask for a year commitment, approximately 24 – 48 sessions, the equivalent of one to two days. Long term psychotherapy tends to be open-ended, as it is oriented toward broader concerns and touches on past, present and future.

Session for psychotherapy are available over telephone, Facetime, Skype and VSee if you are out of New York City or are unable to attend your regularly scheduled session. You will be charged your usual rate for your telephone or online session.

I am not a Psychiatrist and not authorized to prescribe medication. Medication can be a valuable combination with psychotherapy. If we determine that you could benefit from meeting with a Psychiatrist, I will assist with referring you to someone in my trusted network of referrals.