You are provided with a safe and private space to express yourself. I work with you to identify areas of strength, understand feelings and thoughts, and through this process support you to make adjustments in cognition and behavior to increase satisfaction and higher levels of functioning. I employ techniques from various schools of thought, mainly Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Positive Psychology in order to empower you to resolve inner-conflict, set goals, and improve satisfaction in your interpersonal relationships and importantly with yourself. Since each person presents his or her own unique story, therapy is tailored to fit your needs.

Psychotherapy is the right fit for you if, you are looking to create lasting change.

Life Coaching

You have the tools within but need that extra push to reach a specific goal. In a therapy setting, you will be provided with a safe space to express yourself, discuss what is important in your life, design a plan to attain and achieve your goal. In addition, we will identify barriers that are blocking your path to success. Each session, we will partner to reflect and measure your progress. Sessions are action oriented and focus on the present. Be ready to do the work and meet your potential.

Life Coaching is a good fit for you if, you are looking to change a specific behavior and meet a short term goal.

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